Pop-Up Language Café

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Discover the magic of meeting new people through a vibrant Language Café, organized by Språkvänner Linköping, supported by the local Red Cross Linköpingsorten!

For your company and your employees, Pop-Up Language cafés give the chance to make a huge difference in someone’s life who is new to Sweden just by giving an hour of your time. So, go ahead and step out of your comfort zone, and embrace other cultures by meeting new people.

You will have the freedom to choose what to talk about or let us bring some engaging topics using card games. Whether it’s over a traditional Swedish fika, a relaxing walk, or even a visit to the art museum, we’re here to create a fun and flexible environment for you. And the best part? It’s free of charge for everyone to participate!

Join us for an incredible experience that combines the joy of learning and the thrill of connection. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Want to hear the testimonials of those who’ve been impacted by these events?

Visit Linköping & Co is the local hospitality company, they arrange events, concerts and fairs in Linköping and has since 2019 invited Language friends for fika and lunches.

Bodil Bergqvist, financial controller at Visit Linköping and also the initiator of the recent language lunches says that;

The Language lunch is a part of our sustainability work when it comes to inclusion. We started with language fika which has evolved into language lunches. Apart from us feeling like we are helping another person to develop their language skills it gives us a fantastic opportunity to get to know someone that we would never have met otherwise. We meet on equal terms and notice how similar we are although our experiences of life are far apart depending on in which country we were born. I asked a colleague what the language lunches has meant for him and the reply was “it’s an amazing personal development”. To participate in a language lunch is a unique opportunity to get to know another persons lifestory, experience and culture.

Since 2018, SANKT KORS has been making a difference in the lives of people through their successful Pop-Up Language Cafés. And as of February 2022, they’ve taken a bold step to open the language lunch to everyone who’s interested. Linn Lichtermann, community manager at Sankt Kors says:

Language lunch Ebbepark 220518

“We have chosen this path because we believe that it’s the most beneficial this way. The wide range of participants leads to even more exciting encounters and possibilities to broaden networks. What’s more, it’s completely in line with our vision for Ebbepark as a place that invites action for a more sustainable world. We also want Ebbepark to be an inclusive space where people meet. The language lunches contribute to both these goals.”

Read the full article here

Fariba is a regular at the language lunches at Ebbepark and has participated in Språkvänner for several years.

I keep going to the language lunch because it provides a good opportunity for networking.

There is a broad variety of participants in the meetings and I can mingle with different people.

The duration of lunch is good enough and makes it effective.

Evin is a new Språkvän and has been attending the language lunches at Ebbepark and with Visit Linköping. She says:

First of all, it’s such a great opportunity to be with national people at one table and share food; it’s driving you directly to be a part of this country.

Secondly I would like to mention how it’s great to be treated respectfully, in fact it is the first place that drives me to feel that I can be a part of this society.

Finally, receiving a warm welcome from such good people was my strong startup to fill in this country and try to give my best.

The Språkvän Farouq who is also a regular at the Pop-Up Language cafés and language lunches says that:

As a newcomer to Sweden, Språklunch/ Språklcafé is one of the greatest opportunities to meet new people in Sweden and get to know the Swedish culture and society more closely. Language-wise, it’s a friendly place where I can practice Swedish language outside the classroom. Career-wise, sometimes I also get valuable advice on the labour market from an experienced person who can lead me to another valuable opportunity. I am a big fan of Språklunch/ Språklcafé and I think it is one of the significant integration activities! ?

Elaine is a Language friend that has participated in several Pop-Up Language cafés for example at the Social democrats and Linköping municipality says that:

At first, I was afraid to meet new people… I had been living in Linköping for a few months and I barely spoke Swedish.  However, as soon as I arrived I was greeted by a warm and welcoming smile that made me feel comfortable… They were people from Språkvänner (Red Cross).  Definitely this first experience was decisive for me to continue attending and try little by little to speak Swedish.  Volunteers are always very helpful… you can read newspapers, books, play games or just talk about your life and exchange experiences with them.  I’m so glad I challenged myself that first time.

Risper found language friends through the language lunch at Ebbepark, she says that:

Being a newcomer to Sweden, I always search for opportunities that will allow me to mingle with people from different countries. Guess what! I came to find out about language lunches, I quickly grabbed the opportunity and registered for them. And to be honest, it has been the best decision ever. Through language lunches I have met people from different countries and made new friends. Not only that but also language lunches have boosted my confidence of speaking the Swedish language because I also get opportunities to speak to the Swedes.

Do you want to invite language friend for a Pop-Up Language cafe at your place of work?

Contact us via email, sprakvanner.linkoping@redcross.se