Every month we organise an activity that is open to all language friends and to people who have registered but not yet been matched with anybody. The activities are an opportunity to meet your language friend and explore what Linköping has to offer. They’re also an opportunity to meet other language friends. The activities are free and participation is voluntary.

Keep an eye on our calendar for information about upcoming activities.


Example of previous activities


Beachvolleyball in Trädgårdsföreningen, Wednesday, 19 June

A group of language friends played beach volleyball in Trädgårdsföreningen and got together over a fika afterwards.

Workshop in mobile photography with Ulie and Aaron from Kulturlabbet

Aaron from Kulturlabbet gave us an introduction to some useful settings in mobile phone cameras and then showed us five different photography techniques. Afterwards, we got the chance to try out our newly gained knowledge and take some photos of our own. We ended the evening by taking a look at each other’s photos, going over the techniques one more time and reflecting on the effect they had on the photos.


Afternoon tea with a presentation of books in easy-to-read Swedish

On a lovely sunny afternoon, Desirée from the city library showed us a number of different books while we sat on blankets and drank tea in the beautiful park outside the library. We had a great turn-out for this event. It was the second year in a row that we held this activity and we’ll be doing it again, about the same time next year.



Language friends rented a sports hall, and Linköping’s Floorball Club oversaw a warm-up, some exercises and the following matches. It turned out to be a sweaty and fun evening!


Visit to the Passagen art gallery

In February, a number of language friends visited the Passagen art gallery. First, we were given a viewing of one of the exhibitions and then we got to paint our own interpretation of the artist and the artwork. This resulted in two new paintings by nine language friends. The paintings can be seen at the Red Cross offices at Repslagaregatan 8.


Ludo game night

We started the year with an evening playing ludo and eating pizza together. Three teams competed. We held a lottery at the end, with one winner from each team getting a Red Cross first aid kit.



Excursion to the Swedish Air Force Museum

In September, 30 language friends were given a guided tour in easy Swedish at the Swedish Air Force Museum. The tour lasted one hour and we saw hot air balloons, helicopters, and airplanes from both the past and today. The guide also explained how the first airplanes were built. After the tour, we had a fika together. The group was also encouraged to explore the museum by themselves or try out the new flight simulator.

The excursion gave people the chance to meet other language friends, which was appreciated. We also invited people who were still waiting to get a language friend, which gave them the chance to meet Swedish speakers and to practice Swedish.


Picnic with the library

On a warm day in June, the Linköping city library organised a picnic outside the library. The librarians gave tips about books in easy-to-read Swedish. Afterwards, we had a fika together, played games and enjoyed the sunshine.

Minigolf and quiz

Linköpings Kristna Råd invited all language friends and those waiting for a language friend to Ryttaregården on a sunny Saturday afternoon in May. Thirty people attended the event. We played minigolf, held a quiz and ate home-made cookies in the sunshine.




Aaron from Kulturlabbet

Afternoon Tea


Fia med Knuff (Ludo)