About us

Språkvänner (language friends) in Linköping is a friendship and integration program run by the local Red Cross association Linköpingsorten.

The Red Cross Linköpingsorten has a wide integration focus and offers language cafes, homework assistance and work training and internships for newcomers in Linköping at the second hand shop in Skäggetorp and have run Språkvänner since 2015.

We at the Red Cross Linköpingsorten and Språkvänner believe that integration starts where people meet and that we can only make a difference together.
Språkvänner is Linköpings only program that actively works locally to make established and new swedes to meet under neutral and friendly forms.
Every year we match around 100 individuals with an established or newly arrived swede based on interests, background, age and gender.
All participation and activities with Språkvänner is free of charge.



The Red Cross is a non-partisan, non-religious, non-profit organisation with the main goal to prevent and ease human suffering.
The Red Cross is governed by seven fundamental principles;
Humanity - Impartiality- Neutrality - Independence- Voluntary service - Unity - Universality.

Språkvänner in Linköping is founded on and follows these principles.


Want to cooperate with us? Don't hesitate, get in touch!
e-mail; sprakvanner.linkoping@redcross.se